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As a pipe organist, I aspire to perform music to enhance people’s lives one note at a time.

I believe in the power of music.

Music can have a profound impact on our lives and it can bring inspiration and healing to each one of us.

I want to create and share the special moments with my audience through organ music.


The long rich history of pipe organ building and the vast repertoire of organ music

are just a few of many reasons why I love the organ.

Organ doesn’t need a microphone to amplify the sound.

The vibration you’ll feel as you listen to the organ music is one of a kind.

Each organ is custom-made, therefore it is unique in size, location, and sound color.


My organ music is for everyone.

I want to reach out to the public through the organ music that

ranges from the Baroque period to today’s video game music.

At my concert, not only will you have a chance to immerse yourself with great music

but I’ll bring you closer to the organ through interactive experiences.

I can tell you the mechanics of the organ and you can ask me any questions about the organ.

I can also give you a background story about each piece I perform

and even have you come up to the organ console

to have you play a few notes to get a hands-on experience.

I want you to have a personal connection with the instrument

and enjoy the complexity but also the beauty.

The organ is not built for the organists. It is built for all of us.


I also believe in inclusion.

My special mission is to extend an invitation to those families

who have children with developmental disabilities.

Through my own experiences, I see the need to change the performance style

so that everyone in the family can enjoy the music worry-free.

My concert will be sensory-friendly.

I want to encourage the parents, guardians and caregivers

to bring blankets, stuffed animals, ear plugs and eye masks so your loved ones feel relaxed.

I seek to serve, encourage, and nurture the community through music.

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