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Going back to school in midlife

Hello, my name is Midori. I finished my bachelor's degree in music in the 90's, got married, had two children, started family business with my husband in California, and now it's been twenty years. It was one of my crazy ideas I had last October to send grad school applications to several schools just to see what happen. I was ready to be rejected by all of the schools. No, actually four of them said they wanted to have an audition with me. Then the reality hit me. Wow, I really need to start studying and practicing organ harder than ever before, I thought.

The circumstance I was in was perfect. My older son was finishing up sophomore year in college and younger one was a senior in high school. I often dreamed about studying organ more as soon as my children were grown. The time is here. I can actually make this happen. It isn't a dream any more.

Now here I am, a first year grad student at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. I'm going to write blogs to share my personal journey with you. My dream has come study organ more.

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